My Ideas About Meat

My Ideas About Meat

Hamburger with grass-fed and finished meat

I am a meat lover, there is no doubt about that. I eat meat with about every meal except maybe breakfast.

Although according to some vegetarians an egg is also considered meat.

I have no specific reason to eat meat and there are many blogs that tell you to eat no meat but I also read that you need some animal protein in your diet.

Buying meat

I use to by my meat, just like most other people, in my local store and at Walmart of course. But after reading more about how cows and other animals are raised I have changed my meat purchase a little.

Now, I prefer more and more grass-fed and finished beef and what they call Heritage pork. This means basically that the meat comes from animals that are raised naturally and without feeding anything they would not eat if they were living in the wild.

By that, I mainly mean the corn that they give cows and the un-natural foods they feed pigs in those stables.

What I found, however, is that that natural type of meat is sometimes hard to find in my regular stores. This made me start a search on where to by natural meat online and I discovered several things. You can read more here about the standards for that.

Grass-Fed meat

The term grass fed meat does not mean too much. About every cow will start its life eating grass. After that they most of the time get moved to feeding lots where they are fed corn and grain to gain weight faster.

Grass-fed and finished beef

This is what you should be looking for if you like to order meat the way it have been raised for many centuries and the way it should be raised in my opinion.

Where and What Company to order from.

This is kind of a personal thing and I can only tell you how I found a few of my stores to order this type of meat.

I found a website where the owner did a lot of food website reviews and that was the Couch Potato Delivery website.

I liked the way he wrote and decided to give the Crowd Cow company a chance and ordered some meat from them. You can find their Crowd Cow review if you click here.

My experience with Crowd Cow

Since this was the first time I ordered I was very curious if the extra money you pay is worth it. I am not one of the richest people in the world after all.

When my order came in the meat was still solid frozen and very well packed. I put some in the freezer and left out the ground beef to give that a try first.

After letting it thaw out I smelled the meat and have to tell that it smelled totally different then the meat from the stores where I most of the time bought my meat. It smelled fresher.

I started with cooking a hamburger on the grill without adding any seasoning to make sure I only tasted the meat. I have never tasted a better tasting hamburger in my whole life.

The taste was so much better and the meat was very lean and did not contain a lot of fat. That makes it maybe less usable for hamburgers but the taste was awesome.

Where do I go from here?

With my first experience with grass-fed and finished beef being so good I have decided to order this type of meat more.

I have to order online since I am not able to find it in my local grocery store and not even in Walmart.

In my next order I will also put some of that Heritage pork and I am looking forward tasting that also.

When I read what other people write about that is that the taste is also very much different but in a positive way.