My Dog and Cooking

My dog Bella

Close up of Bella

I know that this title sounds a little strange but there is a reason behind it. I have not written too much about my private life here and I think it is time to tell a little more about that.

Besides that I love to cook I also have a passion for dogs. Especially my dog Bella.

Bella is a lab and has a very friendly character. The only small problem she has is that she does not like to be away from me.

Where ever I go she follows me around and that can sometimes be a problem.

Bella in the kitchen

With the fact that she likes to be around me all the time, I think they call that separation anxiety, and me cooking there is a problem.

I do not allow here to be close to my stove and countertop for the obvious reason of being hygienic. After all, nobody likes dog hair in his food.

So, I had to come up with a solution and decided to find a dog bed that she could stay in while I was cooking or doing anything else in the kitchen.

In my search for the perfect dog bed I stumbled upon a website that wrote about and showed many, dog beds and if you are looking for a dog bed also you can find that here.

bella sleeping in her dog bed

Here you can see Bella sleeping peacefully while I am working in the kitchen.

This solved my problem and took care of Bella’s problem also and made everybody happy.

Bella is a great dog and like most Labradors, she is very friendly and family-oriented. She loves my kids but is still more my dog since I am home most of the time.

The problem starts when I have to go somewhere. As long as any of the family members are home here there is no problem.

However, we can not leave her home alone. She will bark all the time and although our neighbors are not that close they can still hear her.

We were thinking about taking a second dog to see if that would take care of her separation anxiety but that would be too much in our house that is not big enough for two dogs.

Up to now we just have to make sure someone is home or if we have to leave with the whole family that we have a dog sitter that stays at our house. Luckily we have a large family so there is someone available most of the time.

With Bella in the kitchen and me being home by myself a lot of times it also gives me something to interact with while I am cooking or working on the computer on one of my job assignments.

The Future

I got no idea how much longer Bella will live of course. She is about 8 years now and the average age of a lab is about 11 or 12 years I believe.

I hope she will live a lot longer and stay with us. However, if we ever will have another dog I will make sure that we teach her how to stay home by herself and not be afraid and bark all the time.

That was the mistake I made with raising Bella. I hope you didn’t mind me rambling a little about my private life instead of writing about cooking.

Larry Mulkey