Is Ordering Cat Food Online the Future?

Is Ordering Cat Food Online the Future?

kitten sleeping on its back.

I am wondering if we slowly all start to order more online. As a cat owner, I just realized that I start doing it more already. Here is my story.

I know this blog is about food, but cats also have to eat so why not talk about them also.

I regret not starting ordering cat food online earlier. I was one of those people who thought cats would be better off by mimicking their natural diet. But I know now, that was a lie.

If you are curious where I found this information you can have a look at where I found more about the cat food delivery service I have been using of a while now.

Why the old beliefs did not last

In nature, cats eat mostly rats, but also birds, other small rodents, and some reptiles (such as lizards). Of these animals, the cat eats all parts, including bones and skin. Generally, they also gulp indigestible parts (think of feathers), that they can not digest anyway.

Next, they expel them through the feces (in fact, the feces of a wild cat in nature are not uniform like those of the domestic cat. But they can be hairy or “feathered”).

If you let your cat adventure and roam through the nearest lands to hunt some natural prey, you will have to face the consequences. I lost a cat to cats’ AIDS (Feline AIDS).

I found out too late that he liked to sneak past the nearest neighbors’ fences and eat in the bowl of other cats. After he died, I cared more for what my cat eats and likes to eat.

So, to keep it short, I ended up ordering cat food online. It is way too convenient. It saves me big time. I don’t have to detour to purchase the food for my cat, which I forget about anyway on my way back home. And you have more choices… Hold on… Do you want to know the whole story?

This is why you too will end up ordering cat food online

The first thing that comes to mind is prepping your cat’s meals, right? You are going to make homemade cat food. That road will lead you toward long experimentation to find out your cat’s tastes.

But no matter how much you try, the cat will always go for the raw meat. And you won’t tolerate that.

You will start reading about the topic and educate yourself. That is an interesting journey that I still come back to once in a while. However, your cat will have a different opinion about it. If the bowl is empty, the little furball will complain.

So, you will try out the local pet stores. You start recurringly buying what the cat seems to appreciate. But sooner or later, the cat will accustom to it. If you give the cat something unpleasant, the cat will search for other bowls or prey.

When the brilliant idea of visiting each mall and trying all the available cat food hits you, it seems a pretty good idea. It is not. You will end up spending way too much on gas. You will also spend more time on allotting time to go to a different mall than the time you spent cooking.

My Take On Buying Cat Food

kitten looking up to camera.

Here is why, in the end, ordering cat food online is the more intelligent option. It lets you click your worry away, and you can try different brands. You will spot the best deals and sales. You will save on gas, so you can save on money to buy your cat a funny costume or something else equally embarrassing.